Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale, a kind of amusement children rides, is suitable for outdoor and indoor. There are various customized low price amusement mini ferris wheel rides for sale in Powerlion Professional Amusement Rides Manufacturer. China amusement children ride mini ferris wheel with beautiful appearance and special cabins design will attract many passengers to play in you parks project. Any need or interst? Welcome to Contact Us & Email Us for Free Quote!

PLMFW-4A China Amusement Children Ride Mini Ferris Wheel
Model PLMFW-4A
Cabins 4
Power 4.5kw
Voltage 380v
Diameter 5m
Capacity 8 persons

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PLMFW-5A Low Price Amusement Mini Ferris Wheel
Model PLMFW-5A
Cabins 5
Power 5.5kw
Voltage 380v
Diameter 6m
Capacity 10 persons

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PLMFW-6A Mini Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale
Model PLMFW-6A
Cabins 6
Power 6.5kw
Voltage 380v
Diameter 8m
Capacity 12 persons

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Introduction Of Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel Ride for sale in Powerlion is about 6m~10m. Mini Ferris Wheel is often designed to be attractive with cute and cartoon style as it is mainly used for little kids. Similar to big ferris wheel, mini ferris wheel ride is composed of support pillar and long arms for connecting with various cabins. The main structure material is steel & fiberglass. The cabins are designed to be special shapes and the color is painted to be bright that can attractive kids’ interest. Mini ferris wheel can rotate in 360 degree. Children ride on the amusement mini ferris wheel can enjoy the views around and can spend happy hours with family. If the giant ferris wheel stands thrill, the mini ferris wheel ride stands happiness that can bring you a happy time together with your family.

Special Features Of Mini Ferris Wheel Kids Rides

  • High quality steel structure and fiberglass materials
  • Unique automobile paint baking process
  • Four layers’ painting of primer, white painting, colorful painting and varnish
  • Beautiful LED lights and quality sound device for mini ferris wheel decoration
  • Equipped with free installation video and instructions along with mini ferris wheel equipment
  • Customized cabins appearance and painting colors
  • Various types of mini ferris wheel rides for your choice
  • Best sales service for our VIP customers

Uses Of Mini Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel Ride is suitable for ages 12 and under. Because of its attractive appearance and mini size, Ferris Wheel often is used for events, festivals and school fairs that can attract many children to play.

Amusement Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale can be used for indoor and outdoor. Ferris wheel Rides has mini shapes and sizes that can be moved conveniently and freely. Ferris wheel can cove small space and area that the indoor and outdoor play all can available for mini ferris wheel rides.

Amusement Mini Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

Powerlion is a professional amusement children ride mini ferris wheel manufacturer in China. Powerlion has professional factory and manufacturing staffs that can provide special customized mini ferris wheel on appearance, shapes, sizes, color, lights and others. If you have requirements for you amusement parks or fairground, Now you can Email us for more information of low price amusement mini ferris wheel. Powerlion provides Mini Ferris Wheel with 4/5/6 special designed cabins, which is attractive for children. Welcome to inquiry us for customized.

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